How does it work ?

Discover in our video the easy operation of Talking Card Gamer®. The smartphone included in the pack is programmed to scan playing cards, then "whispers" the result to you, thanks to the earphones. The blind or visually impaired player remains fully autonomous in its party, be it it with blind people or not.

The Device is available in the language of your choice : English, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese , Italian , Swedish and Dutch !

Our card decks are specially designed for the Talking Card Gamer, featuring a unique scancode that is fully reliable and can’t go wrong.

Talking Card Gamer® : discover our "ready to play" pack

Our solution includes : an exclusive plexiglas reader device , two card decks, a smartphone with earphones included and, of course, the Androïd application preset in your language : English, Spanish, French, German, Italian , Portuguese , Dutch and Swedish .

Talking Card Gamer® : created with the blind for the blind

It all begun in southern France, when designer Michel Garnier decided to create a device that would help one of his blind friends to play Bridge. Blind or visually impaired people usually develop exceptional memory abilities, but playing card games (generally with Braille decks) still remains complex and a challenge and is difficult for them. That’s how the idea emerged for a reliable device in which a computer - even better a smartphone - would identify cards and then "whisper" them to the ears of a blind player.

  • Designed with blind persons
  • Tested in clubs by players
  • The press talks about it !
  • Presented in professional trade fairs


The Talking Card Gamer System® is so easy to use!

Bring your smartphone to the cinema !

Hello tomorrow : a car for the blind !

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