The Talking Card Gamer® system

Androïd App

Our app is exclusively available when purchasing a pack. It allows scanning of each playing card. The App is launched by a simple screen touch. Cards are scanned without any possible error.


Our pack includes a brand new smartphone plus charger. Phone brand and model may vary (picture is for illustration only). Sim card is not included since the App doesn’t need to subscribe any phone operator. No hidden fee.


The smartphone reveals the cards only to the player, thanks to the included earphones

55 cards decks

The pack includes two 52 (+3 jokers) cards decks, which incorporates codes to be scanned by the smartphone. Cards are printed on the best quality material, are soft touch, and hard wearing.

Now available in 8 languages !

Talking Card Gamer is available in the language of your choice : French, English, Spanish, German. Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Dutch . Your pack is preset in the language of your choice.

Reading support

The exclusive Plexiglas support is accurately designed for left or right handed players. it allows the app to be easily launched. It is available in different colours. Just pick yours up !